Welcome to Kids Decision 2008 Project!

Fifth grade students study the branches of government and citizenship/voting. Since this is a presidential election year, we are expanding this unit so students can compare, and analyze political stances.
  • Students will form news reporting teams.
  • Each team will be able to choose a piece of election/government to explore and report on, examples: history of voting, presidential history, functions of government, importance of voting, campaign commercials, local voice (where is your voice heard).
  • Students will report findings through a news broadcast using video, podcast,or web page.
  • Other participating schools from around the United States will share and collaborate their research findings on wikispaces.
  • Students will conduct straw polls on survey monkey to compare and contrast our community/state with other classrooms. We are hoping to have representation from all regions.
  • Students will explore current candidates and issues.
  • The project culminates with students participating in an online mock election and analysis of voting patterns: class to other student voters, class the city and state and country.