Election Project Video


Students will write and record a video to be presented to President Obama.
The idea of the video is to present student concerns about each of the issues, restate what President Obama said he would do about the issue, and give a call to action.


Using Skype, two classes will work together at a time to create a script in a shared Google document.
The individual issue group from Classroom A will meet with the group from Classroom B that researched the same issue to create a sentence for each class about that issue. For example, the Health Care group from Classroom A will meet with the Health Care group from Classroom B.

Then the next issue research groups will meet and so on until all issues have been addressed.

Classroom B will then conduct a Skype call with Classroom C and the process continues.

When the script is completed, individual class groups will video record their individual lines.
Each video clip will be then sent to David for editing.


1. Lisa
2. Christa
3. David
4. Erin
5. Jamie
6. Linda
7. Lisa


Begin the first week of December.
Lisa and Christa: 12-1-08 through 12-5-08 (1:45 EST)
Christa and David: 12-8-08 through 12-12-08 (9:00 PST)
David and Erin: 12-15-08 through 12-19-08
- break -
Erin and Jamie: 1-5-09 through 1-9-09
Jamie and Linda: 1-12-09 through 1-16-09
Linda and Lisa: 1-19-09 through 1-23-09

Video Discussion

Linda and Lisa will look at sentences and figure phrases
Repeated phrase in google doc
If kids can't be on film- use illustration or sign
background of white
edit in black and white
film in well lit area for high contrast
lots of lead time
use external mic
email as a quicktime

Film first week of February then send David