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Here is a podcast of the South Paris Collaborative students discussing the war in Iraq.

What The Candidates Think About The War.

We have two different candidates and two different opinions about the war.
Our candidates are Barack Obama and John McCain. They both think the war should stop but they have different ideas of how to stop it.

Obama did not want to go into the war in the first place. He thinks that we should immediately begin to remove the troops from the Iraqi war. He also wants to pressure the Iraqi government to take care of their country in future references. He is fully committed to ending the war in Iraq as president.

McCain thinks the war will be easy to win. He has been in the war before so he knows what it feels like. McCain is trying to stop the war by helping the Iraqi government. He is not trying to do that much because he thinks the war will be over soon. McCain said that the war in Iraq should be handled by the Iraqis not by the U.S.

Both candidates want the war to stop, but they have different strategies to end the war. We’ll have to see who wins the election and what they will do about the war.

East Vincent Elementary

John McCain:
  • He disagrees with withdrawing American troops before the Government of Iraq is capable of governing itself and protecting it's people.
  • He wants to help the Government of Iraq battle those who promote a civil war that could destablize the Middle East.
  • He thinks that the best way to establish peace isestablish a democratic state in Iraq that can defeat the terrorists.
  • He is a leading advocate of the "surge" and the counterinsurgency strategy carried out by General David Patreaus.
  • Thanks to John McCaine, civillian deaths in Iraq dropped by 70 percent.
  • He advocates continuing the successful counterinsurgency strategy that began in 2007.
  • Thanks to the success of the surge, Iraq's political order is evolving in positive and hopeful ways.
  • He thinks the government of Iraq must improve its ability to serve all of the Iraqis.
Barack Obama:

  • Will start a phased withdrawl immediatley upon entering office
  • Will have taken all but a small force out over 16 months
  • Is going to pressure the Iraqi goverment to work toward political accommadation
  • Will launch an aggressive diplomatic effort to reach a compact between Iraq and surrounding countries
  • Is going to provide at least $2 billion to iraq refugees to expand oppertunitys in the neighboring countries
  • Beleives we must propperly equip our troops to prevent lives being lost
  • Beleives we need to get more advanced technology, like unmanned aerial vehicles

Awbrey Park 15

People are losing money because of the cost of weapons and people are losing family members. It also affects the kids when their parents get injured because they don’t get to do the same things they usually get do with their parents. Also americans are being terrorized or killed by some Iraq people.

Barack Obama thinks that we should talk to other countries about something other than war. He also wants to withdraw the troops because a lot of people have died or gotten badly injured. He also thinks that we must work toward real political accommodation.

John McCain thinks we should keep the troops in Iraq until they stop the violence and terrorism. He also thinks we should work more towards keeping the troops healthy and alive.He also wants to reduce the taxes.

Our sources:
The Scholastic Election 2008 book

DREAMEXTREME - Medford, Oregon

The war in Iraq is costing lots of money that could be used here in the United States to help with the economy. It could maybe help offset gas prices and be used to help people with health care or their house payments. The money we're spending on military equipment could really help people here.

Also, people are getting seperated from their families when they serve in the military. Newborn babies might not get to know their fathers. Small children might forget their moms and dads because they've been out of the country for a long time. Even worse, the military personnel might get killed and never see their family again. That would not only be sad, it would make a huge money issue for the family that is left behind.

Some other countries are not liking what the United States is doing in Iraq. They feel like we are forcing ourselves on a country that doesn't want us there. They don't think that we're really doing something that helps the Iraqi government and that we should just leave them alone.

Senator McCain's Plan

Senator Obama's Plan

John McCain believes that the U.S helping the Iraq goverment to
become capable of governing itself and safeguarding its people is a good idea and the right thing to do.
He doesn't want to take our troops out of Iraq until that has happened. He thinks it would be a big mistake to leave before Al Qaeda in Iraq is defeated and before a competant, trained and capable Iraqi security force is in place.
We must help the Iraqi government become strong and capable of guarding its own citizens and country.
Senator McCain believes that it is important to be honest with the American people about the opportunities and risks that lie ahead. He says that many Americans have given their lives so that America doesn't suffer the worst consequences of failure in Iraq.
Leaving Iraq too soon would only make things worse.
Obama wants to get the United States military out of Iraq and have the Iraq Government protect itself and the citizens. He says he was against the war before it started and wants to stop it as soon as possible. He says the progress we have made is not enough.
Obama disagrees that our troops should be in Iraq in the first place. He is fully committed to ending the war in Iraq, but we must be careful how we do it. He wants to have the majority of the troops out by 2010.
Obama wants to work to rebuild the United States dimplomatic reputation in the world.
He says it is very important that the U.S. does not create permanent military bases in Iraq.

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