Environment Group -
BO clean car challenge. There would be less pollution. However cars would cost more money.
JM - He wants nuclear power. Cap and Trade System - factories will only be allowed to emit a certain amount of carbon into the sky. What if companies can't find a way to be eco-friendly. 45 new power plants
Both - They both support flex fuel vehicles.
Why we care: If the air keeps getting polluted, it keeps creating global warming. It is melting the north and south poles and coastlines can be flooded out. People are cutting down trees which is taking away our oxygen.

Everything is so expensive. People are storing food so they don't have to spend so much money. People took out loans to buy large houses that they couldn't afford. Mortgage crisis - people are losing their homes. People are losing jobs and they cannot afford to take care of themselves. OVer the past year, the economy has been crashing.
BO - Will provide tax relief. Wants to build rules for trading. Wants a tax cut for familes and seniors making less than $50,000 a year. Wants to keep local businesses successful. Wants to allocate $50,000,000 for this. He wants to raise the minimum wage.
JM - Thinks we need to send a msg to world markets, that we, the US can be dependent on our own oil. Going to try to reammend the Fair Trade Agreement. He doesn't want taxes for cell phones. JM wants to keep taxes low for everyone. He wants to teach and train Americans so they don't lost jobs to foreign workers.
Both trying to work on building trade.