Let's use this page to share information with other teachers in the project.

Crista Lawson, Awbrey Park Elementary, Eugene, OR
In the past I have done a great deal of group project work but have never taken it outside our classroom walls. This will be our first journey into the this realm of learning and collaborating. It will be exciting. I will add more once school starts and I get input from my students.

David Cosand, Kennedy Elementary, Medford, OR
A major area of focus for me as a teacher and learner is discovering more and more how much we rely on one another. Collaboration is so important on a personal and classroom level. I am excited to have this opportunity to work with other educators and students as we connect with each other and the issues that matter in our world.

Lisa Parisi and Christine Southard, Denton Avenue Elementary, New Hyde Park, NY
We love breaking down the walls of the classroom. Our class often collaborates on projects, skypes with other classes, and shares ideas. We are excited to participate in this election project and are looking forward to the learning.

Linda Nitsche, East Vincent Elementary School, Spring City, PA
We have learned so much about the world and ourselves from our collaborations with others beyond our school, state, and country. It is so exciting to begin the year by embarking on a project about a real world event- the Presidential Election 2008.