South Paris Collaborative

Here is a podcast of the South Paris Collaborative students discussing high gas prices.

The issue is that gas prices have gone up very high, and we are going to look for the candidates’ solutions that will help gas prices. The candidates are John McCain and Barack Obama and this is what they think of gas prices.

Barack Obama wants to use more renewable sources than gas because now we are having very high gas prices and if we use more renewable sources it will cost much less money than if we use gas. Also, if we use renewable sources it will be less harmful to the environment other than gas and oil. One thing that is good about using renewable sources is that they will never run out because it is renewable so it keeps growing or making more of it, so we will never run out for a long time. Another good reason is that if we use renewable sources we will use so much more less money than gas because it is a renewable source, so that means it can make more of itself as compared to gas.

John McCain thinks if we drill Alaska we will get more gas and oil. One good thing about drilling in Alaska is that it will cut the Iraq weapon supply. One other thing he thinks of doing is using nuclear power and electricity. One reason we should use nuclear and electricity for power is that it is helpful for the environment and the world. Lastly, prices will be so much lower then if we relied on gas and oil.

Awbrey Park - Room 16

This issue relates to our country because gas prices keep going up and if it continues people won`t be able to fill up their cars with gas.

This is a hot issue for our nation because families can`t pay for gas to run their cars for transportation. Another reason this is a hot issue in our area is because people are losing their jobs and can`t pay for gas for their cars.
Also farmers have to raise prices on their food items because they have to pay for gas for their tractors and trucks. The results are effecting many people making it so they can’t feed their families and fill their cars with gas.

McCain verses Obama:
McCain wants to repay money from general revenues. Also he wants to minimize U.S. dependence on oil from other countries. McCain wants to drill out more oil and make cars with greater fuel efficiency.

Obama wants to make cars with greater fuel efficiency also. He wants to bring the prices of gas down more. In ten years he wants to save more oil we already imported from the middle east and Venezuela together.