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Hot Issue- Education
Why is this a hot issue in America?
Education is a hot issue is America because parents want their kids to do well. Parents also think that our nation's education system is flawed. They want their kids to make a positive effect on the world, to do this you need a good education.

Why is this a hot issue in P.A. ?
Education is important in the Pennsylviana region of the USA because schools in PA aren't reaching their full acedemic potential. Also parents want their kids to make a living and be sucessful in life.

Mccain's Plan
-get most effective teachers
-reward achievement
-provide bonuses for teachers
in schools that don't do as well
-classes for teachers
Obama's Plan
-support high quality schools close the bad
-affordable child care
-improve standarized tests(like the PSSA's)
-high quality after school programs
-support collage outreach programs


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Education is important because teachers are leaving in less than 5 years. Also teachers and parents are not seeing the progrees that they would like to see in their students or kids. And the know child left behind law is failing to provide high quality teachers in every classroom

John McCain thinks that when teachers do good they get rewarded with a bonus pay.He also thinks parents should have the rights to choose where their children go to school. Also the school that will best educate their children.

Barack Obama thinks that schools should create a program for children under preschool age.He also believes there should be more math and science experts to become teachers.


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Education relates to our country because if we weren’t educated we wouldn’t have the intelligent workers that make life easier today.
Education is a hot issue for our nation because if you don’t get educated you won’t get a job that pays well. Education is also a hot issue in our area because teachers are losing their jobs,and other important people that help our country.

Wants to lower college prices and all prices in school. He believes that teachers should receive more money when they do a good job. He also thinks that academic standards should be set at the state and local levels,not by the federal government. He also supports school vouchers,certificates paid for by the federal government that gives parents the ability to send their children to any public or private school they choose.

He would create a program for the care and education of babies and young children to help them prepare for kindergarten. He would also work to improve the tests that are given to students to keep track of their progress and judge their reading level for college. He also wants more math and science experts to become teachers. He also supports scholarships,mentoring programs,and rewards for teachers.

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