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Here is a podcast of the South Paris Collaborative students discussing high taxes.

Our issue is about taxes. We pay more and more taxes every year. The reason why we are paying so much in taxes is because of the war. Some people think we are paying too much in taxes. But others don’t think so. Here’s what the candidates think about it.
Senator Obama thinks that we are not paying enough of the taxes. Obama wants to make a raise on taxes for people who are very wealthy. He also wants to provide tax cuts for working families and eliminate income taxes for seniors making less than $75,000 a year. His plan is including tax cuts for small businesses and 95% of the people. But McCain thinks a bit differently.
Senator McCain wants to make a tax cut on middle class families. “It would be terribleProxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0 0if I raised taxes during the economic downturn.” An economic downturn is when the economy is low or down. Part of his plan is to keep them as low as possible. But his tax cut plan is to get a 23% Tax Cuts and 62% Social Security.
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Here is a podcast of the South Paris Collaborative students discussing inflation.

McCain and Obama
Our topic is inflation. We are researching the views of McCain and Obama on Inflation. Inflation is a persistent increase in the price of a good. Two things that are having a rise in cost are oil and taxes.
John McCain says that we should stop depending on foreign oil because so much money is going to foreign countries and terrorist organizations. We should start using cleaner, cheaper energy that we can get ourselves. McCain wants to sill drill in Alaska. Also we should stop raising taxes because companies and banks are going down which means that there will be less jobs and people will lose their homes. Also we should stop taxing small companies because they can become huge businesses which mean new jobs. Also the middle class Americans are going to have to keep up with high taxes and high gas prices which is another reason people are losing money homes and lives.
Barack Obama will invest a clean energy economy which will make more jobs for people. Obama will use biofuels, fuel infrastructure, and will use hybrids. Obama will give tax cuts for credit, $500 per person $1000 per working family. It will decrease income tax for middle class people. People making $200,000 a year or more, Obama will raise income taxes for them. Obama will eliminate income taxes for seniors making less than $50,000 a year.

From West Vincent Elementary School:

2008 Election Issue- Economy
Obama's Ideas, Proposals and Initiatives

McCain's Ideas, Proposals and Initiatives
Made a tax plan to reward working families,
not just the wealthiest.
Pledged to create a new mortgege tax credit
and $10billion in aid to struggling home
Voted to strenghen programs for working
families like medicare.
Supported extending unimployment insurance
and giving rebates to families, seniors, and
Raise the minimum wage to help workers better
pay for the rising cost of living.
Create new laws to protect people who take out
loans to own their home.
Work to keep local buisnesses sucsessful in
small towns across America.
Wants to provide $50 billion to jump start the
economy and prevent 1 Million
Americans from Losing Their Jobs
Voted to raise the minimum wage.
Voted to support overtime equal pay prevailing
, family , and medical leave.
Voted against privatizing federal jobs
will invest in renewable energy and America's
infastructure to create new jobs.
Wants a tax break for small businesses
Obama will crack down on fraudulent and predatory
mortgage lenders and help struggling homeowners
stay in their homes.
Obama will reform financial regulations to ensure that the
financial industry cannotsimply make risky bets and then turn
to the goverment when it can't pay the bills

Keep tax rates low for everyone.
Cut back on wasteful goverment spending.
Teach and train Americans so they don't lose
their jobs to foreign workers.
Believes we should send a strong message
to world markets.
John McCain will look to bring greater affordability
and competition to our drug markets through safe
re-importation of drugs and faster introduction of
generic drugs.
Calling for National Commission on Workplace
Flexibilty and Choice. This Commission would
bring together a bio-partisan set of leaders representing
workers, small and large employers, labor, and acedemics
. The Commission would make recommendations to the President
on how modernizing our nation's labor laws and training programs
can help workers better balance the demands of their job with
family life and enable workers more easily transition between jobs.
Will premote the rapid deployment of the 21st centery info
system and technology to improve patient saftey, inhance quality
and lower cost.
Will commit two billion dollars annully to advancing clean coal
Will support the market for alternative, low carbin fuils such as
wind, hydro, and solar power.
Will commit our contry to expanding demestic oil and natural gas
Thinks we must understand the roll speculation is playing in our
soaring energy prices.

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Info from NEA news letter

East Vincent Elementary School

Help with Energy Costs
Institute a summer gas tax holiday

Repeal the 54 cents per gallon tax on imported sugar-based ethanol, increasing competition, and lowering prices of gasoline at the pump

Windfall Profits Tax to Provide a $1,000 Emergency Energy Rebate to American Families
Provide workplace flexibility

Workers should be able to choose new training that fits their personal situation so that they can build new skills as their careers change.

Provide $50 billion to Jumpstart the Economy and Prevent 1 Million Americans from Losing Their Jobs

Reward companies that support American workers
Keep the top tax rate at 35 percent

Cut The Corporate Tax Rate From 35 To 25 Percent

Deductions for big, expensive purchases

Tax credit for R&D

Reduce estate taxes

Keep taxes simple and fair.
Provide a Tax Cut for Working Families

Eliminate Income Taxes for Seniors Making Less than $50,000

Simplify Tax Filings for Middle Class Americans

End Tax Breaks for Companies that Send Jobs Overseas

Keep taxes the same or raiseed for individuals earning more than $200,000 a year
Lower barriers to trade

Build trading rules.
Fight for Fair Trade

Amend the North American Free Trade Agreement
Providing workers with more choice in job training assistance so that they can build the skills they need for new and better jobs
Invest in new, clean energy which will provide lots of jobs

Invest in new technologies to create jobs
Sites: and www.baracko

Awbrey Park - Room 16

Taxes are a hot issue for our nation because people are becoming more poor due to being taxed too much. People need money to buy food and other supplies. Taxes are too high for people who don’t have as good of jobs as others. There are lots of people with good jobs who can pay their taxes.

This issue relates to our country because taxes help keep the government running and they keep things in order for our country. Taxes help pay for health care, education, military funding, and other things.

John McCain vs. Barack O’bama
McCain wants to help people find jobs and save their homes and children. He also feels taxes are also important to our nation and country, not just for a couple of people but for everyone. John McCain wants to help people keep their homes for good. John McCain has a plan to give tax cuts to families that can not afford to pay the taxes they have owed to the government for a long time. He also wants to help the families that are worried about their children and their education. But most important they are not going to have enough money to pay for their homes, food, and jobs.

Barack O’bama feels taxes are a big deal to a-lot of families in our country. O’bama wants to do a tax cut for the country because they are not being able to pay for the taxes they owe to the government and are losing their homes and jobs. Barack O’bama has a plan of to give a small but helpful tax cut to every family whom is making under $250,000 per year at their jobs.

The economy relates to our country because people don’t spend their money so stores make cut backs. So people may loose their jobs.
The economy is a hot issue in our area because people don’t have the money to buy things, then the stores will have to make cuts and workers may loose their jobs. If they loose their jobs they can’t pay for bills, rent, and mortgage and they might loose their homes.
The economy is a hot issue the nation because people can’t pay for things they need like rent, mortgage, and bills.
  • He will help the housing crisis by making affordable loans.
  • Vows to get rid of wasteful government spending.

  • He will help the housing crisis by helping families refinance their mortgages or help them sell their homes.

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Awbrey Park 15

People are losing their jobs to workers overseas and they can’t pay for gas, their mortgage, and food. Food and gas prices are really high and they can’t pay for other things. They are losing their jobs simply because the company can’t pay them. Stocks are dropping like crazy.
Bailout: Banks are losing money because people are spending all of their money on gas
and food. And people are borrowing to much money from the banks and they don’t have enough to pay the banks back. That is what a lot of people are doing so the banks don’t have a lot of money. So the government has to pay banks money so they stay in business.

John McCain thinks that we should end our dependency on foreign oil. He also says he will create good jobs, ensure our energy security, and decrease government spending. He wants to keep taxes low for everyone.

Barack Obama will jumpstart the economy, provide tax cuts for 95% of working families and senior citizens, fight for fair trade, create 5 million green jobs, support small businesses, and address credit card fraud. He will also pay innovators who will create more jobs.